Tips to Install Microsoft Office on iPad Devices

Microsoft Office on iPad Devices

Microsoft Office is the most used and popular software among users due to its awesome features. You can download the MS Office as a single entity. You also have an option to download the software individually- MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint. In this blog, you will learn how to download and install MS Office on an iPad device.

Microsoft Office Features

  • Simple Sharing
  • New charts in Microsoft
  • Chat with colleagues in MS Office apps
  • Skype Integration
  • Cross-Device compatibility
  • Share big files as a URL
  • Simultaneous Collaboration 

Install MS Office on an iPad Device

  • On your system, go to the 
  • App Store.
  • Now, search for the MS Office and check it on the search results.
  • Press the 
  • Get to download button and install the MS Office app.
  • Once you finish the download and installation process, open it on the system.
  • After that, log in to your Microsoft account. If you are a new user, you need to create a new account and grant permission to the MS Office app.

How can I use MS Office on my iPad device?

Microsoft Office has some benefits for iPad users. We have penned down some benefits for you, so just read.

  • You will find some additional features you will not find in the stand-alone apps.
  • Microsoft Office takes less space than the three stand-alone apps covered in the Office app.

Before using Microsoft Office on your iPad device, you should know some things.

The Microsoft Office Home Screen

On the home screen, you will find the option to select recommended files that you have opened recently. You need to click the New button at the lower center of the window and open a menu. The menu button enables you to select the document type that you want to create.

The options are:

Documents: It enables you to select from Scan text, PowerPoint, Excel, Black document, or create from template for word.

Notes: You can type a new note that you can save or share with others.

Lens: Lens opens the camera to scan a document, whiteboard, or photo that you can save a word document, pdf file. You can also share it with others.

You will also find the Actions icon on the home screen. You will also find some options like Image to Table, Image to Text, and Transfer Files. The first two options permit you to scan a document or image. The capability to work with PDF files is also the most common feature of MS Office apps.

Work with Presentations, Documents, and Spreadsheets

After choosing to open and create a new presentation, spreadsheet, and document, you will find many options if you are using the stand-alone versions of these MS Office apps.


If you are using a presentation in the MS Office app for iOS and it is very common to work with MS PowerPoint. You can select to create a presentation from a template. You also have access to the same formatting tools that you can find in some stand-alone apps. Also, add comments and notes, and even automate your presentation.


If you are working on a document, you will find a formatting menu. The menu slides from right to left and reveals additional options. You will also find a large mic that appears on the right side of the document. If you click on this icon, you can say what you need to write.


While using MS Excel, you will find a sheet or workbook. You need to enter your data following the onscreen or wireless keyboard. If you choose a row or column, you will get the context menu. You also have access to formula, shorting, and formatting tools, and you can find these in the MS Excel app.

Check the Top Menu in MS Office on iPad Device.

You must have seen the Presentation, Documents, and Spreadsheets at the top of each of the apps. That menu is standard across all three apps. You will find the options there.

More: More menu provides you an option for history, saving, printing, and exporting.

Undo: You can undo the action you have taken on the file or document.

Share: The Share option enables you to invite others and collaborate on the files and documents following a link using messaging or email.

Text Formatting: This option opens a broad range of formatting options for you that contains alignment, fonts, spacing, size, and formats.

Search: You can do a search or replace function.

On any document or file, you will also find a Mobile View option. This option allows you to see how your file or document will appear on a smartphone.

Conclusion You have learned how to download and install MS Office on an iPad device. Everybody uses MS Office apps to finish their office and school work. But, many people don’t know how to install the app on an iPad device. With this blog, you get to know how to use Microsoft Office on an iPad device.

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